Each year, my employer, NAB, comes together with RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) to produce the radio industry’s premier convention: The Radio Show. This year, it’s being held in Orlando, Fla., from Sept. 25 -28, and is essentially the must-attend event for anyone who does anything that touches radio: sales, programming, management, advertising, etc.

My role in this project touches all things digital, from designing the website to weekly emails to social media tiles and infographics, to working with our vendor to design the mobile app for the event. And many more things.

Obviously, the hub for all Radio Show activity is the website, which we launched just last week and I’m excited to share it with the world. Some thoughts on the design process:

  • The initial theme was developed by my NAB colleague, senior designer Dan Williamson. He did a great job of creating a look that is vibrant and dynamic without literally including radios as part of the lockup. That’s by design, since using a specific device or dial or frequency can become restrictive in its messaging.
  • Since the event is being held in sunny Orlando, the bright colors help indirectly reflect the setting. Since Orlando is also essentially the capital of the theme park world, I tried to use colors that are “happy” and bright, with deep blues, purples, magentas and shades of orange.
  • On the homepage and on section fronts, there are large background and cover images to give the pages additional color and pop. Sometimes show sites can become very text heavy with and grey. Adding large images helps create some vibrancy, not to mention demonstrate real-life diversity amongst attendees, exhibitors and speakers.
  • I think it goes without saying that the site is completely mobile-friendly and was tested across multiple screen sizes, devices and browsers.

When you have a few minutes, check out the site. I’d love to hear your feedback or questions about the site build, design decisions or overall event!



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